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Team Photos

Highlander Soccer Club Team Picture Information:

Pictures for the Spring Season will take place a week in mid-April. A detailed scheduled will be posted the week prior.

Pictures for the Fall Season will take place a week in mid-September.  A detailed schedule will be posted the week prior.

Just like in the previous season, each child will be individually photographed. All order forms and money are due on picture day.

All concerns regarding orders are to be directed to Trudy Roney Photography.

If you have any questions about viewing or ordering your child’s portraits, please feel free to contact Trudy  at [email protected].

Highlander Fall Soccer 2021 Photo Schedule

9:40am                        U12C         Yendell
10:00am                       U10B         Reihner   
10:20am                      U14G          Young
10:40am                      U10G         Grice
11:15am                      U10            Lambert
11:30am                      U10            Taplin
11:45pm                      U6              Rawlins
12:05pm                      U6              Conners
12:25pm                      U6              Harshman
12:45pm                      U6              Grice
1:05pm                        U10            Harshman
1:25pm                        U10            Duritza
1:45pm                        U8              Milvet
2:05pm                        U8              Grice
2:20pm                        U13            McNally   (Game moved to 3:00pm)
2:35pm                        U13            Pond       (Game moved to 3:00pm)
2:50pm                        U8              Dickson  (Game moved to 3:30pm)
3:10pm                        U8              Crowe     (Game moved to 3:30pm)
3:30pm                        U13            Lucas      (Game moved to 4:00pm)
3:45pm                        U13            Senkinc   (Game moved to 4:00pm)