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How To Obtain Your Background Checks:

PA Law requires all coaches and volunteers involved with youth organizations complete a State Police Criminal Record Check and a PA Child Abuse History Clearance.  In addition to a Criminal Record Check/Child Abuse search, a Volunteer Qualification Affidavit  must be completed and notarized for volunteers who have lived in PA for 10 continuous years.  *An FBI Criminal Background Check must be completed in addition to the Affidavit if the volunteer has not lived in PA for 10 continuous years

PA State Police Report
: PA State Police Criminal Record Checks cost approximately $8.00 (Free if Select Volunteer) and can be obtained online by visiting the State Police web site - Click Here.
Child Abuse History Report:PA Child Abuse History Clearances may be made online - Click Here  The cost is approximately $8.00 (Free if Select Volunteer)

Volunteer Qualification Affidavit (PDF)Click Here
Our Secretary, Katie Lowe, is a Notary.  Please Email or send a paper copy of your completed Volunteer Qualification Affidavit to [email protected] or P.O. Box 594, Claysville, PA 15323.

*FBI Criminal Background Check:To request an FBI Fingerprint Clearance (approximate cost-$22.60):  Click Here   Please note: This link will take you to the page managed by Cogent for the state of PA to help individuals attain an FBI clearance.  

For more information, visit PAWest's Risk Management Website.