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Registration will open July 7, 2022!

Select "Register" or "Login" to get registered for the 2022 Fall Season!

Registration will open for the Fall 2022 season for all players ages 4-12 for In-House play & ages 8-12 for travel play on 07/07/22.

  Age groups are based on birth year, therefore children who turned 4 in 2022 are eligible for the Under 6 Division.

US Soccer Small Sided Standards and Birth Year Registration (click here or see web-site)

Registration is $80 for in-house recreational play.

Registration is $90 for travel play.

There is a $10 early bird discount if registered by 07/12/2022.

There is a $5 per sibling discount for multiple players in one household.

$75 Volunteer Check due prior to the first game.

Season after season our kids have a wonderful time playing soccer with their friends and classmates.  We have well maintained fields dedicated specifically for the Soccer Club located at 1339 North Sunset Beach Road, Claysville, Pennsylvania. 

Games will be played on Sundays beginning September 11th through October 30th.

We strive to form the fundamentals of the game of soccer, foster growth in the kids’ skill and knowledge of the game, and prepare them to advance to higher levels of soccer.  Additionally, we aim to develop other skills, such as teamwork, dedication, and communication, which they will take with them on their journey through school and life.

From beginner to seasoned players, all kids are welcome!

Travel Registration is open 07/07/2022 through 07/15/2022 & a $20 Late Registration Fee applies after 07/15/2022.

In-House Registration is open 07/07/2022 through 08/23/2022 & a $20 Late Registration Fee applies after 08/15/2022.